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Atwater Kent Model H
Neutrowound 1926 model

Atwater Kent Model H metal speaker

Unmarked red + black speaker, measures roughly 12 inches.

Amplion loud speaker
Arborphone B-14194

Tower MFG co black metal speaker

Amplion loud speaker AR-19 wooden speaker, SR D63941, Beautiful shape



Thorola + Musicmaster
RCA Radiola 60

Thorola model 4 speaker, SR#140458

Music Master V1-70285-A


Claravox + grundig +RCA

Crosley Super Trirdyn Special

Claravox clear voice speaker, has a crack in back of speaker

Grundig multi oktain? Lauts precher, made in west germany speaker

RCA loudspeaker, gold felt cloth on back is tattered, front looks great, SR# EH-256084

RCA loudspeaker
Freed Eisman NR-5

RCA loudspeaker model 100-A, SR#390020-UO Has good grill cloth on front and back

Magnavox Dynamic-80, 110V AC

Kolster + unmarked
Freed Eisman NR-7

Unmarked radio speaker, has design on side (click here to see design)

Kolster magnetic cone reproducer model K-6 , SR#13834, grill cloth fell off on back, doesn't look damaged.

3 radio speakers

Telephone corp of america speaker, dark brown wood, gold cloth

Rola speaker model 10, Says "SD" and has the number 3 on the bottom

RCA loudspeaker 103,-- -- -- -- -- SR#100501-80

Radiola Loudspeaker

Radiola Loudspeaker Model H21 or HZ1, UZ1325 or U21325

Unmarked radio speaker, has a diameter 14-15 inches

Atwater Kent

Atwater Kent type E3, SR 407003, - has good grill cloth

T-765001 speaker


Atwater Kent + manhatten

Atwater Kent SR# 637035

Manhatten electrical supply co loudspeaker no 2555


Magnavox oakland calif.

type R-3

Model B

SR 113584


Thorola model 4 speaker

Thorola model 4 speaker

SR 113417


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