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www.antique-radios.net - Radio clubs and events

hiddenbelow.org - How to value the price of your old radios and determine its condition

antiqueradios.com/forums - Community Forum

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These sites have more links for museums and other great radio sites

http://classicradiogallery.com/ - radio gallery

http://www.dxzone.com/ - Huge Radio information and resource site


I've created a website that showcases over 1100 radios. My grandpa collected these radios his whole life and I have had the pleasure of placing his entire collection online complete with the serial codes of all the radios marked. Basically if there was something written on the radio, its on there. He always called the collection his little radio museum, and this was true if you ever went inside his house. I found an article from 1985 when he had currently collected 150 radios that may interest some here. If anyone has any information on some of these radios, as many are unmarked, please let me know. Thanks - Asa Fortney
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Asa Fortney