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Chest radio ++
Neutrowound 1926 model

Premium mini blue novelty radio china

safari 15 transistors radio

1986 tonka corp playtime products dog plush radio "pound puppies"

golden tone radio- ser#V269463

Empress house radio - Unmarked


all have working dials and knobs.

For Sale, Ships from Nevada

Radiola III ++
Arborphone B-14194

Smily face radio ball - china

Emerson model 713 series A Serial#156B-15426737 Sun Burst

He-man skeletor MOTU Nasta ind hong-kong radio 1985

Radiola III RCA Type RI --------range 220-550 meters 8651C5-19-24

Hersheys chocolate syrup radio

Sencor 4 RCA V5312 ----JIS 006P

For Sale, Ships from Nevada
For Sale, Ships from Nevada


model 46 radio ++

Freed Eisman NR-7

Atwater Kent Model 46 radio UX-226 N.P-48047 - - Good dials and knobs, Has all tubes. steel box radio

Sports Walkman Mega Bass Sony Model- MDR-W14

Aiwa AR-853 transistor 8 radio

Bosch motor car radio

Jim Henson productions bigbird radio

Electro brand model 862 - -- --- -- AM-FM all weather radio

For Sale, Ships from Nevada
For Sale, Ships from Nevada
"Nameless" radio low-loss
Crosley Super Trirdyn Special

Philco transistone model 53-706 code121 30watt, good dial

The town crier by guild SR#11095, good dials and knobs.

Melody beer, beer with a melody radio 5 tube ACDC, top cap is the tuner. Late 40's radio

For Sale, Ships from Nevada

Rainbow Brite Novelty
Freed Eisman NR-5

Stewart Warner 101A-1977, working dials and knobs, has all tubes. table top tombstone model 3043

Rainbow brite vanity fair ERTL transistor radio yellow

Panasonic ml R-70 panapet 70 yellow

panasonic mdl R-70 panapet 70 blue


For Sale, Ships from Nevada
For Sale, Ships from Nevada

Day-Fan OEM-7 model
Freed Eisman NR-7

Music/music yuletide concepts inc. - - no 1090 tape player - Rockola Replica

IMA model JB-a AM/FM cassette radio Made in china- Juke box radio

For Sale, Ships from Nevada
Cornwell, star explorer +++

Windsor model 2204 solid state -- -- CB 40 channel receiver.

Windsor hamburger radio

10 transistor soundDesign Ser#209324

Continental 10 transistor radio Model# TR-1067 Ser#31010615 coat pocket radio gold

Conny Type T-2 serial 802238. Has a leather case, headphones, very nice shape. (case has light wear

6 transistor Universal- ptr-62b Japan (small chip in bakelite, has case.

General electric model P-850 AB chrome - Beautiful shape

Zephyr six transistor model ZR-620 has a couple cracks

Sears 7 silvertone 60s' transistor 497402

1981 playtime products -- -- -- -- cabbage patch kids 1983 -- -- -- -- original appalachain artworks inc. Missing 1 knob

For Sale, Ships from Nevada


3 novelty radios

Purex Radio

Zenith Royal 500 long distance Chassis# 8CT40 Ser#935957

Budweiser hong-kong radio

Motorola model X21 six transistor Ser#26637- has box.

Fleetwood transistor 6 made in japan #82101 -- -- Neda 1604

12 transistors #9033 Japan 903

LLoyds 2 transistors boys radio model MT-203

Walt disney productions mickey mouse radio

Motorola 1312-0054 model 6T

Million 8 transistor- hong kong

Hoffman Solar nine transistor-- -- Model BP-709X -- #833414

Trancel transistor radio model T-11 Ser# 020245414

Fleetwood no. 87986 transistor 6 with case

Penneys transistor radio -- -- -- model 6TP-555 Ser#11257351

For Sale, Ships from Nevada
For Sale, Ships from Nevada

9 novelty radios

Philco model T89-124 good dials. seriel 02283

GE all transistor model 7-27539 date code 4612 Spirit of 76

Kensington japan no 803 TV radio

Tonex model 624 Hi-FI deluxe transistor 6- good dials, has box

2 transistor box radio- angel-dial is damaged. ATR23 Boys Radio red

1984 Hasbro transformers optimus

Coronado PAL RA60 - 9866A Transistor 6 radio- good dial, has box

Pakette radio broadcast crystal set or diode radio geranium

Arvin 12-transistors model 65R98-Walnut. SR# 34510

For Sale, Ships from Nevada

A-C Dayton model 10

Delco model R-1229 - serial 1465

Mark Twain Japan 611 boatradio. good dials and knobs.

For Sale, Ships from Nevada
Pepsi-Cola Radio

Pepsi radio NP-4

Ser 634481


Antique 1940s advertising radio

For Sale, Ships from Nevada
7 radios

V&W pontiac Buick - For par busting performance. transistor 8 radio

G.E. sportmate 106C2428-3

Wesetinghouse transistor 6 radio - Model- H-790P6GP - SR-E-377711

GE model P-808E WHITE radio SR.154A3301. GE 1146

Electro brand 2016 TV, sound, weather

Panasonic mdl RF-455. SR-5ACG85

Atwater Kent sailboat radio 1003298 Model 35 recieving set, has tubes

For Sale, Ships from Nevada


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