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model 66TC

Crosley overseas model 66TC

117V, 60cyc, 65watts

Excellent condition, working dial

has all tubes

Steinite lab atchison
Arborphone B-14194

Radiola III type R1, range 220-550m - - 1907-1922, no tubes

Steinite lab atchison Kansas, missing tubes, #1-1508, Pat#1,113,149

RCA victor model 65X1

RCA Radiola 60

Galoob 185 Leuis galoob toys inc hong kong, dial is locked up. - has two mini speakers

RCA victor model 65X1, SR#B086083, RC1034 + B274, 105-125V, 30watts, Kachrok golden throat tone

Crosley model 11-106U,
Crosley Super Trirdyn Special

Crosley model 11-106U,


Crosley Auco

35watts, 50-60cyc

plastic radio

Model 6-5-222 Zenith
Freed Eisman NR-5

Model 6-5-222 Zenith radio

Foreign Broadcast

SR# R372287

Dial trys to turn

Model 66TA,
Freed Eisman NR-7

Fish radio spectra UC-100 model, china

American Overseas Model 66TA, Crosley radio corp, good dial+knobs

5R10 Hellicrafters Co

Model 5R10 Hellicrafters Co

Worldwide band spread

Good dials and knobs,

105-125V ACDC, 30watts



Westinghouse 1 tube radio

Westinghouse radio "1034" on bottm Has 0 of 2 tubes

DV-2 annvciator

Defrost Audion type DV-2 annvciator wire paper inside, Inside parts say all american rayland mfg co, chicago

Ace type 5 regenerative

Ace type 5 regenerative reciever SR# 16312, 1 of 1 tubes, good dial By precision Eqpt.

Crosley UNKNOWN 1924 radio, good dials, 2 of 2 tubes, - - - - - - one knob is chipped

Western Electric 7A


Western Electric 7A amplifier

Patents from 1907-1921

has bulbs, for a telegraph

Model H-6154

Model H-6154 Zenith radio

SR# M-985378

good dials and knobs


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