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Oreo Radio tranformers
Neutrowound 1926 model

Radio shack model 12-911 Big Bird

1984 hasbro optimus prime transformers radio

1983 playtime products strawberry shortcake hong kong radio

Amco inc 1977 hong kong oreo radio

Model 825 zenith- Ser#K-101370 good knobs and dials. has all 7 tubes Superheterodyne 1935 - very rare

For Sale, Ships from Nevada
For Sale, Ships from Nevada
Elvis + century radio
Arborphone B-14194

Sanyo model RM1800 ser#88392447 Japan 704

Elvis Hong-Kong radio 1935-1977

Model N-11 century Hong-Kong radio top of case is broke.

For Sale, Ships from Nevada

fleetwood six +seagrams

RCA Radiola 60
1x-Seagrams cooler hong kong radio (sorry shipping is kinda high so I lowered price)

Fleetwood six transistor globe radio

dewald model d-519 s# H-71315 Good dials, has tubes and cord

Clinton model 440 radio Good, knobs and dials. Says F8

For Sale, Ships from Nevada
buccaneer chest
Crosley Super Trirdyn Special

SOLD Buccaneer chest radio by Guild

8 tube AM-FM radio

14x10x11.5 inches

model 638B

For Sale, Ships from Nevada

electrohome mod PMUS-418
Freed Eisman NR-5

Electrohome mod- PMU51-418 10468 serial- 178724. good dial, has tubes

unmarked mini cathedral radio- looks like a reproduction. rhapsody arrow band replica from 60s-70s

model 565 GE red radio. good dials and knobs.

For Sale, Ships from Nevada


TV radio +Wilmak Denchum
Freed Eisman NR-7

TV radio- 91062701 + 004721 model TVp45 GPX.

Wilmak Denchum, good dial+knob

RCA seriel 107S31 Model 7E5 good dials +knobs 110-120v

For Sale, Ships from Nevada
blabber mouth talking

17-B globe radio Lgowdy Has marker on the bottom of the radio.

Blabber-Mouth talking radio no#21062 Powertronic by Nasta

1982 Nasta inc hong kong GI-Joe radio

Emerson radio corp model 439 ----has good dials and knobs.

For Sale, Ships from Nevada
For Sale, Ships from Nevada
soda can radios

Hong kong- Coke radio

Olympia beer hong kong radio

Welches grape juice model 35-1 hong kong radio

seagate cooler hong kong

model 724 series D emmerson ser#560309 missing some knobs.

wilson 5" NFL football radio

SOLD Handy little radio MR-10 New in box vin# 0-77283-814103-3

For Sale, Ships from Nevada


philco +transistor radios

Philco model T89-124 good dials. seriel 02283

GE all transistor model 7-27539 date code 4612

Kensington japan no 803 TV radio

Tonex model 624 Hi-FI deluxe transistor 6- good dials, has box

2 transistor box radio- angel-dial is damaged.

1984 Hasbro transformers optimus

Coronado PAL RA60 - 9866A Transistor 6 radio- good dial, has box

Pakette radio broadcast

Arvin 12-transistors model 65R98-Walnut. SR# 34510


chevy car radio

1957 Chevy radio "Randix" RED Model CR-1957 Ser#209034379

Statue of liberty cat no 12-101 radio Official commemorative radio

IMA model MR-10 AM-FM portable radio.

All have good dials and knobs.

For Sale, Ships from Nevada
lunch box pepsi jr.

Pepsi Junior collection lunchbox radio

good dials and knobs.

For Sale, Ships from Nevada
Star explorer 2 space ship

Cornwell WW-II Foxhole radio kit. Bordon radio co. assembled, has instructions.

Star Explorer II 1977 calfax inc hong kong

SOLD Trail meck blaze model RC-5C5 Good dials and knobs, complete.

SOLD Sony ICF-SWI FM stereo Complete with headphones, antenna + charger

For Sale, Ships from Nevada



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