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novelty radios
Neutrowound 1926 model

Zenith Royal 500, chassis 7XT40, - - has manual, good knobs/dial

Tropicana pure premium fruit radio

Sonnet british design no 982978

Linton 12 transistor 65P59

General Electric model 516F, - - - - - Good dial

Van Camps bean can radio

For Sale, Ships from Nevada
novelty radios
Arborphone B-14194

Mickey Mouse radio 23-464----- or 23-553--- or 23-583

SOLD RCA victor model 8B41, SR#B013359

Polaroid 600 radio, instant color film

SOLD Arvin model 444A, chassis RE200, good dial, has all tubes.

SOLD Arvin model 242T, chassis RE-251

Workrite multiunit model-B Geo.W.Walker

For Sale, Ships from Nevada

Model AR radio

RCA Radiola 60

TSM electronics cool mirror glass tabletop reproduction of old sparton mirrored radios art deco

Model AR120 radio

Seriel# S4120510,

made in france

Peach Copper mirrored radio

For Sale, Ships from Nevada
novelty radios
Crosley Super Trirdyn Special

Heinz tomato Ketchup - Hong Kong

Coca Cola bottle radio, new with box 006548CC

Big Bird radio no-12-911, new w box

Motorola ranger model X31N, Serno.47830, all transistor radio

Shawa model MT-202 transistor radio Japan-blue

A132, SR#798402 radio, good dial

For Sale, Ships from Nevada

novelty radios
Freed Eisman NR-5

Madison AM FM portable radio, floatable novelty radio, S#40-22-01

Battery radio no-969069, allas worry free model WF-24, SR#15739

Texico super chief batter radio, no#969069

Belmont 6D11 RMA approved, SR#735455, complete with tubes -- - - - - - - DIAL DOESN'T TURN

For Sale, Ships from Nevada

novelty radios
Freed Eisman NR-7

Blabber-Mouse radio, no-21059, 1985 radio

GE model 400 radio, maroon marbilized plastic, has tubes, good dial


For Sale, Ships from Nevada
novelty radios

Windmill Radio, made in japan

Ford 1912 radio, japan, 5 transistors

Chevrolet chevy FM/AM radio, USA, 57 chevy

For Sale, Ships from Nevada


novelty radios

1981 tribune company columbia pictures, Little Orphan annie and sandy radio

Rabbit radio, 7" unmarked

Biographical stories of great composers home library volume 1 and II radio, Japan

Co-op forget it battery radio, - - -- made in hong-kong

Heritage international union NJ lipton cup-a-soup radio - Taiwan

Zenith trans oceanic solid state radio, Model royal 7000, SR#1013156

For Sale, Ships from Nevada
Coca Cola radio

SOLD Coca Cola radio, Like New

SR# 2108996 or 210996

For Sale, Ships from Nevada



Watkins baking powder -hong kong

Budweiser king of beer - hong kong

Coors radio - hong kong

Miller beer radio - hong kong

GM radio, dial doesn't work - - - General motor radio corp 66watts 100v, 50-60cyc, Model 211, - - - - - has tubes, cord has no plug

For Sale, Ships from Nevada
Novelty radios+ zenith

SOLD Orange twin signal set boy scout - - has box, #1098, 2 morse code sets + instructions

McDonalds French Fry radio AM/FM +box Item#50501, 1977, mint

Cambells Cup 2 minute soup mix rdio

Charlie Brown + snoopie radio, - - - Missing the battery cover

Wavemagnet radio Zenith mdl Y600 Trans Oceanic radio, Chassis#6T41Z Dial works, has headphone pack

For Sale, Ships from Nevada

Novelty radios

Totinos crisp trust pizza hong-kong PRI/HLA

Packmman Tiger Electronics 1980 bally midway, 1982 hong kong

Cabbage patch kids 1983 playtime prod inc. missing back cover.

Keep it green, realistic cat#12-2006 Allied radio shack, tandy japan

Orange Box nobility 6 transistor, #44728, mint in box, SR#65386 622n?

Philco Transistor T-45-124, red+yellow box, SR#44728

Castle Radio, good knobs

Silver Standard Broadcast Police Amateur Airicraft radio, good dial, has knobs, SR# 65386 tuning eye rare

For Sale, Ships from Nevada
For Sale, Ships from Nevada


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