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Crosley Homeade crystal set
Neutrowound 1926 model

SOLD Crosley Home made crystal set, dial woks, has broken hand.

SOLD Arvin model 542T chassis RE-278 good dial and knobs

SOLD Trav-ler model 5028-A -- 3-way portable superheterodyne ser#1387990

Stewart Warner model 9180 Ser#5422, goo dial+ knobs

For Sale, Ships from Nevada

4 radios
Arborphone B-14194

Model TPR-561 6 transistors radio deluxe version with box.

Westinghouse aeriola receiver style 319564 - type RF

Travler Serial# 30656- has good dials and knobs. Has tubes.

Kowa KT-91 transistor 9 Chic - SOLD

For Sale, Ships from Nevada
For Sale, Ships from Nevada


Hallicrafters + zenith
RCA Radiola 60


Zenith royal 645 all transistors -- Model 4645LN - -serial Z115403- - good dials and knobs. SOLD

Hallicrafters continental Model 5R31A Ser# 31A3019- -- 30 watts has good dials and knobs. SOLD

For Sale, Ships from Nevada

Hallicrafters co
Crosley Super Trirdyn Special

Hallicrafters co

Model S-53A

Ser. HA

Ser. 199520

good dials, has tubes.

For Sale, Ships from Nevada


crosley + arvin
Freed Eisman NR-5

Crosley radio co. model 4C1 -- -- serial#A-847411 good dials and knobs, has tubes.

Arvin bus alert model or 12R29 serial#1438 good dial and knobs.

For Sale, Ships from Nevada

Dictograph - Silent radi
Freed Eisman NR-7

Regular soldering flux radio LA-CO Model P3520AF

Tropicana Orange radio AM/FM

Dictograph - Silent radio model 263 Ser#77726 -- -- --FADA radio

For Sale, Ships from Nevada
For Sale, Ships from Nevada

Loose coupler radio receiver

Loose coupler radio receiver - - - - - Ezra F Bowmans sons 1914 #45 - - Wireless instrument, lancaster, PA - SOLD

Early RCA victor transistor six yellow gold- - - - Model 8-BT-9E -- -SR#RVU028317 - SOLD

Emerson 888-white vanguard Nevabreak pocket radio

For Sale, Ships from Nevada


GE, Jackson, automatic

SOLD General Electric (GE)-- LB-700 Ser#9322, has working dials, Has all tubes.

Jackson Bell Model 62 Velvet Tone- JB-15251 Ser#62-127869- Has all tubes. Working dial and good knobs. -- -- 110-125V, 60cyc, 60watt

SOLD Automatic radio model C-51 Ser#329470, manufacturing co. inc. working dial, has tubes.

For Sale, Ships from Nevada

Silvertone + dream machine

Model 4470 - SR-946865 silvertone radio is 55 watts, has tubes

John Player Special #2- Hong Kong, missing battery cover.

Dream Machine Sony - SR 198910 Model ICF-C5W

For Sale, Ships from Nevada


morse code station

AR-CN base station concept 2000, morse code station model 610

GE model P-807E, SR# 1205

Silvertone 500 model 2212 - brown SR#243008, brown case, good dial.

Zenith Trans Oceanic wave magnet model T600, SR# 6T40-6T41

For Sale, Ships from Nevada

For Sale, Ships from Nevada
arvin + zenith

Arvin RE342 - Has tubes, Good dial, Ser 144412

Zenith 49CZ781, has tubes, good dial Ser-343614


transistors + RCA

Westinghouse V2393-4, SR#H7911P61GP

RCA Victor Modek T-K SR#030209

Realton model 228-3 , SR#34954 -- 20 solid state devices, 9 transistor plus

Arvin model 63R58-walnut transistor SR#11594, good dials.

RCA victor model RC418 - - Designed for use with records or TVs SR# 014034 - Has alll tubes - -- -- Bad tuner dial


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