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crystal sets
Neutrowound 1926 model
Philmore little wonder 113-115 crystal radio set catno. 7000

Howe auto chicago radio receiver wireless green crystal radio w box

Hearever co caster crosley headset

Philmore super radio crystal set. model black, catno. 336, has box

Philmore modl VC-1000 crsytal diode

B.M.S pandora crystal radio

Germanium GM-100, has box and manual

Old unmarked telegraph unit

Kitcraft Aerovox mfd by LACO products inc los angeles callf. - - black knobs

Kitcraft as above with red knobs /\

E-Z built Da Myco co crystal radio set (blue diagrams on base w coil)

Crystal detector aerial + ground

Unmarked black, red crystal radio, black base (front center)

For Sale, Ships from Nevada
For Sale, Ships from Nevada

Zenith + admiral
Arborphone B-14194

SOLD Zenith radio no. S-14549, chassis#7E02, good dial, has tubes

SOLD Admiral americas smart set. no.409194, -69C-212-S (-S or -5) 305-8, good dial, has tubes.

For Sale, Ships from Nevada
sanora + airline
RCA Radiola 60


SOLD Sanora model QBU-176 or RBU-176 SR-8916, 30 watts

Airline radio model 04BR-513A, - - good dial, has tubes, tattered cord.

For Sale, Ships from Nevada


zenith + philco
Crosley Super Trirdyn Special

SOLD Zenith 6D015ZW, no. 2-109, has tubes, good dial, has tubes

Philco model 39-6C - good dial, - - SR# Y00099, good cloth, has tubes, cord, all knobs.

For Sale, Ships from Nevada

silvertone radio
Freed Eisman NR-5

Toot-A-Loop model R-72 panasonic, Japan radio

SOLD Silvertone radio sears roebuck an co SR 132.021, good dial, has all tubes Similar to Model 2016

For Sale, Ships from Nevada


Emerson + WOR
Freed Eisman NR-7

Emerson radio and television teal Model 511 moderne, - 30 watt radio.has tubes Tuning dial doesn't work w extremely rare marbelized Splash texture in aquamarine color

WOR radio tombstone radio 1934 - Made in USA, good dial, hasa tubes.

For Sale, Ships from Nevada
Emerson + crystal set

Emerson 888, has box + manual SR#30225

IAK 6 transistor pocket radio - -- -- Model K-67 japan

IAK ELK radio minnesota, comes with diagram, new in box.

Kelogg radio,

Firad tested phone ccondesnsors unmarked crystal radio set

For Sale, Ships from Nevada
For Sale, Ships from Nevada


arvin 664

1515 amlfm radio, Model 20-1 radio, good dials and knobs. Has original box, red version

Arvin model 664, chassis RE-206-1, good dial, 45 watts table radio

For Sale, Ships from Nevada
emerson + zenith

Emerson model 503, good dial - - radio + phonograph co, has tubes SR#0-7103015

SOLD Zenith Deluxe model K518, good dial SR#no-5-18535, chassis 5J03

For Sale, Ships from Nevada

Zenith 6G801

Zenith Model 6G801

Chassis 6E40

Dial doesn't turn

Long Distance Wavemagnet


For Sale, Ships from Nevada

hallicrafters + st regis

Hallicrafters precision built radio - - Tiger movement by sessions 247064 Rare painted model clock radio - Possibly a pre-production prototype to the clear version

ST. Regis model 676 radio, good dial SR# A-175078, 115v, 50w, 50-60cyc


For Sale, Ships from Nevada

ward + airking

Montgomery Ward airline chicago illinois B828728, good dial, has tubes+cord C-13F-21027 Similar to 94BR - green dial

Air King Model A-502, 30Watt radio no. 6261 Super-Heterodyne 1940s - Rare - 3 knob version gold dial plastic radio

For Sale, Ships from Nevada


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