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Neutrowound 1926 model

Sea Gull toilet paper radio, RCA V5312, - - JIS-006B

Hong Kong Car radio,

Build you radio AM running press book publishers, New

original appalarian artworks inc hong kong

Delux long distance receiving kit Model 66TC, or 66-T - 117V, 65watt

Homeade crystal radio set

For Sale, Ships from Nevada

Arborphone B-14194

1973 raggedy antandy, Bobs merril co inc, Philace internation LTD, hong kong

President Jimmy Carter Peanut hong kong

SOLD Emerson radio phonographic co, Model 518 New york USA, SR/Chassis# 5-7269553 30watts, working dial

SOLD Crosley 52, regenerative receiver serial 140520, working dial, 1914, has tubes

For Sale, Ships from Nevada

For Sale, Ships from Nevada
RCA Radiola 60

One dollar bills money Lucite-500 radio, windsor, hong kong

Windsor transistor two boys radio japan, STR-207, circuit, blue - SOLD

Rivira hong kong transistor 6, SR#439360

Little Herculer tiny transistor radio- no-555-595, bell products, has box

Transistor 8 bulova watch radio, precision, SR 660-6137 - clock transistor Very nice condition

Channel master signal keep transistor model 6459, has 3 small chips

Tokyo shibaura electric co, Toshiba 8TM-294 tranc 8, toshiba, superheterodyne, SR#92914602 has nicks in plastic on back cover.

Rare candle 8 pocket transistor japan SR#SE-809

Sceptre japan 2 transistor boys radio - in clear plastic case. Nice shape

All chrome oldsmobile model 989172 Serial# CD-2208 - beautiful shape

For Sale, Ships from Nevada

Sharp + westinghouse
Crosley Super Trirdyn Special

Japan Sharp model PF-116, 117V, good dial and knobs - Very rare color, never seen one like it. pagoda oriental

Westinghouse brown-H-365T5 - - 117V 50-60cyc, #V11088-1

For Sale, Ships from Nevada

crosley _ silvertone
Freed Eisman NR-5

Blue Crosley model JT3, SR#7737 Good dials Bakelite Model "Swiss Cheese" tabletop kitchen radio - rare color SOLD

Sears Roebuck Silvertone Chocolate brown (kinda looks like a chocolate bar actually) SR#76134, part#E602 Working dials, has all knobs

For Sale, Ships from Nevada

Freed Eisman NR-7

1053 Hong Kong Car radio 218-6-1

Airline 04BR-5138 or 513B radio Modernistic streamlined bakelite brown standard broadcast, #135064, good dial and knobs

For Sale, Ships from Nevada

For Sale, Ships from Nevada
4 smallr radios

Old Suntory japanese Whisky bottle radio, Suntory limited, made in tokyo, 6 transistor radio (bottle only, its not mounted on the clock radio)

RCA victor model B-411, SR#210801 good dial, has a crack

Arvin 243-T radio SR#18257(?) good dials, mint condition Rare Yellow - Turquoise Midget metal case

Capehart clock radio model C14, SR#27356, good dial

Truetone radio trutone 5DA1

For Sale, Ships from Nevada

Emerson radios

Emerson model 522, 30watt, 105.125volts, Emerson radio and phonograph co. Five tube radio bakelite white

Emerson model 507, 105-125 volts Good dials and knobs, 30 watts

For Sale, Ships from Nevada


White Packard bell "HI-Q", working dial, has knobs, SR# 254701, has tubes 1 Ivory Plaskon Bakelite and chrome 1940s radio similar to Model 664

Tune a dog - hong kong radio transistor

Red Mcdonalds big mac GE- - - - -hong kong

French style retro antique Telephone AM transistor radio japan

Streamlined Olympic Brown 6-501W Speedo Dial slant face model Hazeltine, good dials and knobs, radio corp (similar to 7-421W)

For Sale, Ships from Nevada

Crosley, majestic, noble

Nobility 6 transistor battery radio - - Made in R.Q Korea, "G077" on back Unique retro style radio

Majestic coast to coast storm radio Sentinel Circa 1940 model 622w Musicaire - brown good dials and knobs

Crosley (tan) radio 1974779 - - - - Model 11-118U serenader, chassis# 1520, good dials, has cord, SR#22658491 - rare color

For Sale, Ships from Nevada

Arvin red ladie

Hong Kong 3288 car radio, good shape (bottom right)

The mitchel lullaby bed lamp radio, Model 1250-Walnut, 55watts, has bulb - 1940's

SOLD Arvin red ladie, Model 201-R

Rare radio car, 1917, missing 1 wheel, japan

For Sale, Ships from Nevada

For Sale, Ships from Nevada


Silvertone radio model 3511

SOLD Westinghouse refrigerator radio, green + gold H-125 Little Jewel

SOLD Silvertone radio model 3511 - Chassis 132.803, A, B sears + rebuck co, good dials and knobs similar to 7008 model Beetle "Candy Cane" Model bakelite art deco swirls splat texture

For Sale, Ships from Nevada


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