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Philco model 50-920,
Neutrowound 1926 model

Westminister restroom radio NEW, hong kong- ART-53-3538

Philco model 50-920, good dial, Part#39-9608, great shape

Blue Japan model P2760B, - -206 GE good dial Police light radio

For Sale, Ships from Nevada
For Sale, Ships from Nevada

smallr radios
Arborphone B-14194

Emerson White model 540-a radio good dials, Serial 42-9146311, 105-125V Bakelite Plaskon Emersonette Midgit

Coronoado 9 transistor RA 60-9923A good dial, leather case

Blabbermouth radio powertronic by Nasta - 1985, SR#55386

Zenith Deluxe royal model 500L, chassis 8LT45Z1B, has case, good dials

Sesame street muppets inc, - - - hong kong, portable solid state radio model no AR-1930 Oscar the grouch garbage can pop up radio

Automatic radio MFG co inc sun set radio NEW

Tom Thumb TT600 worlds smallest most transistor most powerful, good dial, Model TT600, SR# A305985, has a nice gray case, mint shape, radio is red Hybrid radio with 3 peanut vaccume tubes for the converter,IF, and detector stages. Two transistors for the audio port. subminiature tube radio "sub mini"

For Sale, Ships from Nevada

zenith, motorola
RCA Radiola 60


SOLD Zenith model R511W, chassis#5R01 good dials and knobs, 30w, 117v

SOLD Motorola Aero-Vane Model 65X13-A SR# 32K70013 Motorola Aero-Vane high effieiency loop good dial

For Sale, Ships from Nevada

rca, majestic
Crosley Super Trirdyn Special

SOLD RCA Victor model 3-X-533, good dial SR# 078489

SOLD Majestic Zephyr Tube retro radio White bakelite radio model 5A410 serial # E434373, good dials plastic radio

For Sale, Ships from Nevada

sentinel + westinghouse
Freed Eisman NR-5

Sentinel Model 248T IU 248T442, good dial, has a small crack, Walnut cabinet, beautiful inlays, great performance on am and shortwave bands. Chassis#IU248+9419 Similar to 214T

7 Transistor westinghouse H-602P7 Serial# B195495, leather case

For Sale, Ships from Nevada


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