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Motorola model 5R1
Neutrowound 1926 model

Motorola model 5R1 radio- good dial, SR#46208, good dial, has knobs, tubes, cord

Belmont 6D-111 Treasure state electric co.- good dial chassis 599370, has all tubes - Iconic Rabbit art deco pre-war bakelite radio-SOLD

For Sale, Ships from Nevada

Emerson radios
Arborphone B-14194

SOLD Emerson radio model 508, good dial 8-8722182 Portable 4 tube radio

Emerson model 640, good dial, SR#112-15670609

SOLD National NC model SW-54-1 radio - SR# 3800056, has tubes, good dial - Communications shortwave receiver.

For Sale, Ships from Nevada

Model 825 "Precor"
RCA Radiola 60


LED Model 825 "Precor" solid state, 531K

Philco model 49-901, code 121, working dial, has all tubes

For Sale, Ships from Nevada


airline+ cape hart
Crosley Super Trirdyn Special

Airline radio 62-425, chassis#418725 "00", SC9

Model T-522 cape hart Modernist EaMes radio, SR#7503828-1-PC, good dial, has all tubes

For Sale, Ships from Nevada

Tradio "the hotel radio"
Freed Eisman NR-5

Tradio "the hotel radio"

model T-V6

Serial 25638

Good dial and knobs

missing keys to open radio

For Sale, Ships from Nevada
Coronado midget 4

Coronado midget 4, goo dial , SR#786HGRC, has all tubes, - - Model RA48-8157A-400U - SOLD

SOLD Sears Silvertone model 8000 gray, chassis# 132.29801, good dial

SOLD Emerson SR# 77-11548030 radio, missing dial hand, broken hinge red lunchbox radio bakelite model 560

Emerson Model 811 series D radio, SR#560373-R, 115v, 30W, 60cyc green bakelite art deco

Freed Eisman NR-7
For Sale, Ships from Nevada

RCA Victor

RCA Victor 5X 2 band standard broadcast and short wave Model SX (ac-dc radio) Each dial has its own pilot lamp, activated by turning the range selector switch.

National 2 band 9 transistor radio, model AB-210 (U or T)

For Sale, Ships from Nevada



SOLD General Electric world time zones handle 4 Model P4990A SR#7492

Sony casette radio CFS-43 model, SR#256641, good dial, has cord

For Sale, Ships from Nevada

solid state + hilco

GE solid state AM-FM model P2975, SR# 213A4381,

SOLD TV am-FM radio, U.K. design no~2029875 Tube-Tunes TV-Shaped Photo Frame Novelty Transistor AM/FM Radioa

Philco 53-804 model - good dial - Frame has a 2" crack, missing knobs, Part#78-0994

For Sale, Ships from Nevada
For Sale, Ships from Nevada
zenith, essex, overland

Essex radio, excellent shape, says "japan" inside Plaskon tube radio

Overland stage coach express U.S. mail, Japan

SOLD Zenith console- model H511-F radio SR# 646720, chassis #155H01 - - - 30watts, 40-60cyc- 117vACDC

For Sale, Ships from Nevada

wards + airline

Ice cream cone radio Amco

SOLD Wards airline radio model 62-616, SR# 828795, good dial, 50watts - telephone dial with magic dial tuning eye

Airline model 62-425, has all tubes, working dial, great shape

For Sale, Ships from Nevada


5 mini radios

Airline-green radio model 18, SR# 115445, metal chassis#136938, has a shallow crack in case

SOLD Arvin white radio model 402A, chassis# RE-55

SOLD Petite Emerson brown model 540, good dial, plastic radio Emersonette - one of the smallest tube radios ever made

SOLD Green Emerald "bullseye" tube crsoley model D-10TN, 117V, 35watts, part#152233, good dial

SOLD Crosley-11-100U, white bullseye 35watts, 117V, Part#148514A, good dial art deco table model

For Sale, Ships from Nevada


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